I want to thank all the friends of freedom and FreedomWorks. Thank you for supporting this cause.

Vice President Mike Pence

Giving Clubs

Gadsden Committee

$500 / Annually

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The Gadsden Flag is an iconic symbol of the American War for Independence and triumph over tyranny. The Gadsden Committee is made up of individuals who fight for freedom using their gifts to rise up against the threat of government overreach in any form.


  • Freedom Working Magazine subscription 
  • First book in Adam’s reading list 
  • Invitations to private receptions and other regional events 
  • Periodic briefings on critical issues 
  • Invitation to Restore Liberty, the annual investor retreat 
  • Invitations to investor conference calls with influential guest speakers

Amagi League

$5,000 / Annually

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Amagi is the oldest known symbol for freedom coming out of the ancient Sumerian City of Lagash where its citizens led a reform against an oppressive government structure. Through their investments, Amagi League members actively support the timeless principle that freedom is indispensable for any civilization to survive and flourish.


  • All benefits of Gadsden Committee
  • Invitations to private events and tours
  • Confidential round-table discussions with FreedomWorks leadership
  • Recognition and priority seating at all FreedomWorks events

1787 Society

$25,000 / Annually

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1787 was the year the Constitution was signed, ratifying the rights of the American people. The 1787 Society seeks to keep the Founding Fathers’ legacy of limited government and individual rights alive today and for generations to come. Their vision and generosity provide FreedomWorks with the backing needed to execute its bold plans to be a force multiplier for the whole liberty movement.


  • All benefits of Amagi League
  • Private meetings with FreedomWorks President, Adam Brandon and other leadership 
  • Invitations to join FreedomWorks annual Board of Directors dinner 
  • Recognition on FreedomWorks legacy wall

Publius Task Force

Recurring Monthly Donations

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The name Publius was used as a pseudonym for John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison when they wrote the Federalist Papers.  Their work defined and defended the balance of powers between the federal and state governments. Publius Task Force members sustain FreedomWorks operations to protect Federalism through their ongoing monthly gifts.


  • Government Fails. FreedomWorks. car magnet
  • Email alerts on upcoming policy issues and races 
  • The opportunity to participate in opinion surveys

Adam's New Book Club

The Books on Adam Brandon's Reading List

There's never any shortage of new conservative material hitting store shelves. But if you want to know what books are on FreedomWorks' President Adam Brandon's reading list and which ones he highly recommends, Adam's New Book Club should do the trick.

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We would be honored to be a part of your giving this year. If you have any questions to join today, please contact clubs@freedomworks.org or 202-942-7670.