Good News for a Change: Two More States Move Against ObamaCare

Some good news today, as Michigan and Arizona have both made decisions that they will not be setting up a health care exchange under ObamaCare.

In Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer declared yesterday that she will not direct the state government to set up an exchange. 

In Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder has been trying to set up an exchange, but Speaker of the House Jase Bolger has declared that he will not bring the bill to establish exchanges to the floor.  3,500 people have already sent messages urging Michigan’s top state officials to stand against ObamaCare, and the Speaker is listening.  Keep the pressure on Governor Snyder – Michigan residents can Take Action by contacting his office HERE.

That makes twenty-two states which have stood up and refused to implement the costly exchanges that are at the core of ObamaCare. For a good breakdown of why it is so important that states refuse to set up an exchange, check out Rusty Weiss’ blog post HERE.

And you can click HERE for an up-to-date summary of where every state stand on ObamaCare, and for links to how you can take action in your own state.

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