Hagan hides from Obama

Senator Kay Hagan is trying to prove she can be tough on the president, (although voting with the president’s agenda 92% of the time makes it hard to believe) by issuing a harsh statement about his commitment to and treatment of veterans. Senator Hagan released a statement minutes after it was announced that President Obama was going to speak at the American Legion’s 96th National Convention. The senator states, “I hope to hear the president address these challenges at the American Legion’s National Convention in Charlotte. I will be there to discuss some of the steps I want to see taken in Washington to uphold the commitment our government has made to North Carolina’s veterans.” She goes on to brag she is Member of the Armed Services Committee and that she “comes from a strong military family.”

It is well documented how badly mismanaged the VA system has been, with these reports giving the country an disturbing glimpse into what it is like to live under a federally managed health care system. Congress has a duty to hold up its commitment to veterans, but Congress also has a duty to uphold its commitment to every American as well. Hagan’s eagerness to fight for better health care for veterans is admirable, but why doesn’t she feel the same compulsion to fight for every citizen in North Carolina?

As the 60th vote for ObamaCare, Hagan put every American on the road to subpar health care. While she is running from President Obama now, she once was eager to sell his flawed healthcare plan. She even toured North Carolina, proclaiming time and time again “If you like your doctors you can definitely keep it [them], keep your health insurance.”

Even now after all the data to contrary, Senator Hagan is proud of her vote saying that “I think what we want to show is that the Affordable Care Act is something whose time has come.” And she would vote for the law again.

Senator Hagan has a political problem: she spent the last six years being a loyal vote for Harry Reid and President Obama’s policies, and now that those policies have come home to haunt her career she is suddenly on the front-lines fighting for those who deserve better. Our veterans deserve the best care in the world. They served our nation and we owe them for protecting our freedoms.