Happy Cost of Government Day!

Today, Americans will “celebrate” Cost of Government Day! In 2010, the average American worked until August 19–or 231 days— to earn enough income just to pay for the cost of federal, state and local government. In total, government spending now consumes 63.41 percent of all income in the United States.

Each year, Americans for Tax Reform’s Center for Fiscal Accountability calculates Cost of Government Day. Due to major increases in government spending in 2010, August 19 is the latest Cost of Government Day ever recorded:


The Center for Fiscal Accountability breaks down how many days it takes the average American to pay for different components of government spending:


The Cost of Government Day for each state is based on varying spending burdens.

Those states with the earliest Cost of Government Days:

Alaska- July 28
Louisiana- July 28
Mississippi- July 31
South Dakota- August 2
West Virginia- August 3

Those states with the latest Cost of Government Days:

District of Columbia- August 29
Maryland- September 4
New York- September 10
New Jersey- September 14
Connecticut- September 17 

Enjoy the rest of your 134 days this year! Finally, the average American has paid off his or her share of the cost of big government spending.