Happy Dependence Day

Do you work for AIG or GM? For Citigroup or the Department of Education? If so, then I wish you happy Dependence Day. Same if you work at a company which uses lobbyists to steer federal earmarks your way…or if you are that lobbyist. And, not to sound cruel, but if you’re on welfare (especially if you could with a little effort get off it), or if you’re getting unemployment benefits or food stamps, then welcome to Dependence Day.

And if you voted for Barack Obama and Democratic congressional candidates and still are proud of your vote, most of all I welcome you to Dependence Day.

You are the antithesis of this nation’s founding, the antidote to liberty and free markets, the source of the smiley-faced fascism which creeps further into our lives daily while the politicians you voted for saddle us and our children and grandchildren with unsustainable debt and perpetual dependency on government largess and the politicians who dispense it – which is to say you support the theft of one person’s property to give to another person.

Yes, the US is still the greatest nation on earth, but that status is rapidly diminishing thanks to you, supporter of Democrats, bailouts, and stimulus programs.

While I will celebrate what independence I have left, I’ll always have in the back of my mind the destruction that you and yours are wreaking on our republic. You have a lot to answer for, and I trust that history – and my children and yours – will judge you no more kindly than I do.

You may think I sound angry and bitter. Well, I am. I’m angry at our politicians, particularly the Democrats who go along with the biggest tax increase in world history without reading it even though they know it’s wrong, being easily bought off by power-grubbing committee chairmen. I’m bitter with our media and the liberal elite who are so enamored of their second black president (at least we were all told that Bill Clinton was the first) that they let his ability to swat a fly trump his destruction of our children’s futures.

None of this is to say that the GOP of recent years was anything but disastrous. They certainly did great damage as well, not least by not standing up for capitalism. But a major difference in my view: Obama, Pelosi, and friends WANT to destroy the nation’s economy and our economic liberty. Bush, although he earned my enmity for “abandoning free market principles to save the free market” was at least a reluctant anti-capitalist unlike the joyful one we now have in the White House.

You may think I sound angry and bitter. But when it comes to how I really feel about Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress, I haven’t come close to saying how strongly I truly feel. Let me put it in a few simple words: Obama and Congressional Democrats are intentionally destroying all that makes America great.

By the way, if you’ve forgotten due to your public school education (in the last 20 years) or your watching of any of the major old-line networks’ “news” broadcasts or your reading the NY Times, here is a large part of what America means – in a one-page document: The Declaration of Independence

And in case reading that one page is too much of a distraction from playing with your Wii, or in case standing up for your liberty is just too damn inconvenient when the government will give us “everything for everyone” for free (as seen on a banner at the Democratic National Convention), let me remind you of the price of freedom which has allowed Americans to become lethargic and apathetic: “Our Sacred Honor”

And if somehow, Mr. Liberal, you don’t need to go somewhere in your Prius, you could learn a lot about the philosophy behind the founding of this nation. It’s a philosophy you don’t understand, but I hold out hope that you may be capable of learning. And for my libertarian and conservative friends, this article is a great reminder of what we’re fighting for: “Independence Forever”

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