Health Care Battle: What Can I Do This Week?

Even though Congress isn’t in town this week, and many people using these normally carefree days between Christmas and New Year’s to spend time with family and recharge batteries for 2010, we’re hearing from many folks who want to continue the fight against the government takeover of healthcare right through the holidays!  Everyone is wondering, what can I do this week?  Here are three things you can do to keep up the pressure:

  1. Visit: visit the local district offices of your Senators and Representatives.  Did they vote the right way? Excellent. Thank them.  They need your support.  Did their voting on healthcare reform trend socialist? Make sure they know you oppose the plan, you oppose rushing a decision of this magnitude, and that you will work for, fund, and urge your friends to vote for their opponent come election time.  This is a good group activity and you can bring hand written letters for the district office staff elaborating your opposition.  This could be the biggest thing that happens in that office all month and they won’t forget any time soon.
  2. Vigil: especially during such a slow news week, holding a candlelight vigil outside a district office or in a symbolic spot in your town could be big news and really help send home your message to your legislators. 
  3. Letters to the Editor: Letters to the editor are a great way to communicate both to your legislators and to other people in your community.  Letters to the editor are among the top most frequently read parts of the paper and Congressmen read them to get a feel for what their constituents are thinking. 

And don’t forget, when trying to organize something in your area, a visit, a vigil, a letter writing party – use the FreedomWorks Ning site to communicate with others nearby  who would love to get involved.

Thanks for all your hard work, but do take a moment for some hot chocolate.  The fight will still be there when you get back.