Health Care Freedom Goes 3 for 3 in VA Senate

This afternoon, legislators in Richmond demonstrated in a big way that they are finally starting to get it. Well, everyone except Creigh Deeds.

After several months of intense lobbying by activists from all over the state, the Virginia Senate passed all three bills (Fred Quayle’s SB 283, Jill Vogel’s SB 417, and Steve Martin’s SB 311) up for consideration that would effectively nullify many of the worst provisions in any federal health care mandate.

And from Norm Leahy at Tertium Quids:

[M]ore evidence that Creigh Deeds doesn’t get it

The former Democratic gubernatorial candidate had this to say about the health freedom bills:

“We are legislating in theory and if we want to continue to do that and then tell our folks back home we’re accomplishing great things, that’s a wonderful thing to do,” said Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath County. “We’re here to solve problems. We’re here to revive the economy. We’re here to close the budget gap. This legislation does none of that.”

I guess he’s right, if by “none of that” Sen. Deeds meant “exactly that.”

For one thing, government doesn’t solve problems, it creates them. And neither can it revive the economy, private entrepreneurship does that.

However, these bills will help to protect the Commonwealth’s bottom line from incredibly costly and burdensome legislation that has already passed both U.S. Houses of Congress. Legislation that would be funded through enormous increases in state Medicaid expenditures (currently drowning Virginia’s budget in red ink), as well as job- and wage-killing tax hikes across the board on everyone from small business owners to consumers.

Not to mention that (minor) problem with there being no authority for such legislation anywhere in the Constitution.

Needless to say, this is big. Congrats to all the activists who helped make it happen. If your Senator got it right, don’t forget to pat them on the head and say thanks.

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