Help Save Pennsylvania Children: Support School Choice

For more than a year FreedomWorks and local activists have been working hard to bring education reform to Pennsylvania. Concerned families, school choice supporters, bold legislators and even the governor himself have stood up with us against Pennsylvania’s education establishment in an effort to reform the state’s failing school system.

Despite this bi-partisan support, some legislators have chosen to ignore the voters, failing to protect the needs of students, and instead voting to preserve union power. 

By supporting free market solutions like vouchers and an expansion of the state’s EITC tax credit,  Pennsylvania legislators could ensure the opportunities provided by a quality education are available for generations of students to come. 

Unfortunately, Big Government Republicans are blocking the road to reform

Please take a few moments and call the following lawmakers and tell them it is time to support meaningful education reform that includes vouchers and expansion of the EITC tax credit. 

These lawmakers hold the key to successful passage of any reform bill, and they need to hear from you. 

Please ask them to bring education reform to the table and bring a bill to the floor. Demand they act in the best interest of the children and not for the special interests in Harrisburg.

Please contact these legislators RIGHT NOW:

Marcia Hahn (R-138): (717) 783-8573
Fred Keller (R-85): (717) 787-3443
Carl Metzger (R-169): (717) 783-8756
Dan Moul (R-91): (717) 783-5217
Marguerite Quinn (R-143): (717) 772-1413
Mike Tobash (R-125):  (717) 260-6148

If you would like more information on this campaign, or to get involved, please email Campaigns Coordinator David Spielman at

Please also take a moment to sign the FreedomWorks petition supporting school choice reform. 


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