Hillary Unleashes Health Care

With Barack Obama set to unveil his health care plan for his presidential campaign tomorrow, Hillary Clinton has chosen to unveil hers today so as not to be outdone by her competitor. Overly cautious after her 1993 universal health disaster, Hillary’s plan is laid out in seven platforms:

a “prevention initiative” to reduce preventable diseases such as diabetes; modernizing health-care records through computerization; overhauling care for the chronically ill, whose costs account for approximately two-thirds of all health-care expenditures; “ending insurance discrimination” by providing care to people with pre-existing conditions, who are currently shut out; creating a “best practices institute,” with both government and private participants, to determine standards of care; legalizing prescription-drug importation and requiring Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices; and implementing “common sense” changes to the medical malpractice system.

Hillary’s plan comes months after John Edwards based his campaign on health care months ago with a plan for universal health care funded by massive tax increases.

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