Hillary’s Policy Proposals: Progressive (if You Live in 1940’s USSR)

In his blog Hillary Clinton’s Backward "Progressive Vision,"John Tamny of National Review discusses Hillary’s domestic policy, and how, while it seems cursorily justifiable, it fails upon closer examination.

First, Tamny notes that Hillary seeks to expand the earned income tax credit. In the short run, this will give blue collar workers more money. In the long run, a rise in the number of workers would drive down incomes. But you didn’t hear it from her!

Further, Tamny states, even though Hilary’s goal is to help "working people earn enough to support their families and help them save for the future," she discounts the notion of private retirement accounts.

Apparently Hillary thinks we’re too dumb to save for our own futures, and that we need the government’s help. No thanks.

In addition, Tamny discusses the wage gap between rich and poor, which Hillary laments. He states that Hillary isn’t telling the whole story on this issue. The gap has existed for literally centuries (and increased under the sterling leadership of Bill).

Tamny continues his assault on Hillary’s proposals on taxes. It seems that, while she says that she wants to tax for the benefit of the poor, it seems that she REALLY wants to in order to punish the rich. Darn rich- its your fault! You shouldn’t have been so successful!

Its time for Hillary to quit telling us half of the story. Maybe all that botox infected her brain.