Huge Event in L.A. on Oct 3rd

The big-government, conspiracy-theory toting Left has a problem with both free speech and the free market. The Leftists are gathering at the FCC public hearing in Los Angeles on October 3rd to complain about all of these things to the federal government and to call for continued federal regulation of media ownership.

Listen to Brendan Steinhauser’s audio invitation.

FreedomWorks is asking freedom-loving Californians to join us in our campaign to stand up to the Left and protect free speech and the free market. If you are interested in helping us, please contact Grassroots Manager Brendan Steinhauser at 888-564-6273.

We’d like to counter the Left’s propaganda by attending the FCC hearing on Tuesday, October 3rd in Los Angeles and speaking out against censorship and other forms of government control over the media.