Indiana Passes Sweeping School Choice Bill

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels approved the broadest school choice legislation in America this week, expanding charter schools, instituting merit pay for teachers and restricting the abused power of collective bargaining for teachers. The Associated Press declares that Gov. Daniels’ school choice legislation makes Indiana “a showcase of conservative ideas” for other states to model.

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The bill creates a voucher system for not just low-income households but for middle-income families as well, so that all parents and children in Indiana are empowered to make their own educational choices.

School choice vouchers cost taxpayers a fraction of what they would pay under a public school system monopolized by teachers unions, and have proven to boost student performance at every level. Just as competition and choice improve everyday products in the marketplace, they have positive effects on schools as well.

In March, Gov. Daniels received the FreedomWorks “Legislative Entrepreneur Award” for his commitment to rein in spending and advance limited government reforms in Indiana. “Legislative Entrepreneurs” are identified by their deep-rooted commitment and unwavering leadership in the promotion and defense of economic liberty.

“Other states are going to be taking notice about how far Indiana’s going,” Robert Enlow, president of the Foundation for Educational Choice.

We hope so. FreedomWorks has been supporting school choice legislation in states like Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Right now Pennsylvania is very close to passing SB1, school choice legislation similar to the bill just signed into law by Gov. Daniels. Please help us bring choice and competition to education by going to to support SB 1.

Read the whole story at the Associated Press.

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