Interview: John Fund Coments On Elections Shenanigans In Oregon

On August 4, John Fund appeared as the keynote speaker at the annual Gathering of the Eagles in Turner, Oregon. This annual gathering, put on by former Oregon gubernatorial candidate Ames Curtwright, is one of the largest conservative rallies on the West Coast. This year, over 700 attendees were in the audience to hear Mr. Fund talk about his new book, Who’s Counting? How Fraudsters And Bureaucrats Put Your Vote At Risk.

Mr. Fund was gracious enough to allow me a quick interview after his speech. His three minutes with me were enough to terrify me – I can’t imagine what shenanigans he documents in his new book.

Q: Intro; Mr. Fund, thank you for being here in Oregon, which is ground zero for the sort of experimentation in voter fraud. Tell us a little bit about the new book.

A: Well, voter fraud is a serious issue in America, and so is the competence of our election officials. Sometimes you have such sloppy election systems that you can’t tell where incompetence ends and fraud begins. For those people who don’t think there’s voter fraud or it doesn’t make a difference, I point to the 2008 Senate election in Minnesota, where Al Franken was declared the victor by 312 votes, and his election succeeding led to the passage of Obamacare. He was the 60th vote on Obama’s Health Control Law …

Q: Not health CARE, health CONTROL …

A: Health CONTROL. But we now know that over 1200 felons voted illegally in that election, and all the evidence we have is that they voted overwhelmingly for Obama. So over 177 have already been convicted of voting illegally in that election, and dozens more cases to be decided, so we could get to a point where we have more people voting illegally in that election than was the margin of victory. So I think that voter fraud is a very serious problem. Barack Obama of course was ACORN’s lawyer, ACORN the notorious voter fraudsters. Obama’s Justice Department seems uninterested in pursuing voter fraud. We could see a Florida style [2000 Bush v Gore] meltdown where we have an election that is held up in the air for moths afterward. That’s a real problem. Voter fraud is a serious issue. We can stop it. We can limit it. Have to have observers at the polls. Voter fraud is a lot like shoplifting. You pay some attention to it and you reduce the instances of it. That’s what my book is trying to do.

Q: And the polling looks like it’s pretty close this year, so it looks like the Presidential election could come down to it.

A: The incentive to commit voter fraud is greater than ever in a close election.

Q: I know you’ve done quite a bit of work here in the state of Oregon, and you’ve included some examples in your new book. What are some of your favorite examples from Oregon that you’ve included in your book?

A: The thing that you hear is, if you have all of these portable drop boxes that you’re putting the ballots into, and there’s no chain of custody – temporary workers pick them up and return them to the central polling locations – then nobody knows exactly what happened or is being done with them. I think that’s a great invitation to mischief.

Q: I know of one observer in particular who was following a car returning the ballots, and this car actually lost [the observer] by speeding through a school zone and through a yellow light over rail road tracks.

A: (Shaking his head) We can only have a democracy if the people have confidence in the integrity of the honesty of the election. The people don’t have that today.

Here is the video of his full keynote address, where he goes into further detail:

Note that in this address, starting around the 9-minute mark, Mr. Fund makes a strong case that voter fraud hurts inner city minorities the most. Every time they want to vote for someone who will fix their plight of being trapped in inner city failing schools, they have their vote stolen out from under them. Far from being suppressive, voter id is supported by 2/3 of African American and Hispanic voters. The left’s theme of voter suppression, posits Mr. Fund, is a clear and demonstrable lie.

Here is the video of our interview: