Interview: Lt. Col. Allen West (R-FL)

Allen West dropped by the Blogger Hangout at the RNC Convention on August 30, and was very gracious with his time. On his legislative agenda for 2013, he discussed tax reform and regulatory reform as a means to unleash small business success. He took a quick little shot at Harry Reid too, challenging him to pass the job creating legislation that has been blocked from a full vote at the Senate. I asked him about Sen. McCain’s Convention remarks about the current state of the Middle East. He came out in strong defense of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s right as a sovereign nation to take action to protect itself from Iran, and he made a point of stating that America needs to take a supportive role in relation to its allies in the region. He paints a bleak picture of what’s going on in the region due to a lack of American leadership.

Finally, he states that the reason that the momentum is on the side of the GOP is because we are talking about principles, stating that when Republicans stand on Conservative values and talk about the Constitution, we win.