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Issue Brief: The Genius of Stable Money

“…the ultimate issue that any smart politician would choose to lead and speak on is ensuring that these dollars hold their value over time. Reestablishing policies that will stabilize our currency and promote prosperity in every corner of America is the surefire way to achieve such an end. This is called ‘sound money.'”

There may be no area of economic policy as poorly understood – by the public and policymakers alike – than monetary policy. Yet the value of our currency is central to our ability to build and maintain wealth. A constantly depreciating dollar steals our savings away as surely as any tax, and yet modern economists would have us believe that it is necessary for a healthy economy.

This brief quickly debunks many of the myths built up around modern monetary policy, and shows how simple and beneficial it would be to get back to a sound and stable dollar.

You can read the full brief or download the pdf below: