Issue Brief: Reforming Probation and Parole Supervision

The latest in FreedomWorks’ series of issue briefs on important topics in criminal justice reform examines judicial supervision – probation and parole – in the states. Offenders who receive probation sentences or who are released early under parole supervision are often thought of as having "gotten off easy." The reality is that in many states, judicial supervision systems have become so overwhelmed that they are neither helping offenders transition to normal life nor keeping the public safe from those who re-offend.

This brief takes a look at what is not working and then takes examples from states which are successfully reforming their supervision policies to lay out some principles for what does seem to work. As with so many other public policies, states must consider whether the incentives of the laws they have in place align with their desired goals.

You can read the full brief or download it as a .pdf below.

FreedomWorks Issue Brief: R… by Joshua Withrow