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Regulatory Reform - May 2017

Regulatory Reform - May 2017

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Obama Administration Races to Regulate Before Leaving Office

Just because President Obama’s legacy was defeated at the ballot box doesn’t mean that the regulator-in-chief is going to change. In the final weeks of his lame duck presidency, the Obama administration is hustling to complete as many new regulations as possible. This adds on to what is already the all-time record year for regulation based on page count. This continued regulatory aggression against the American people underlines why under this president the regulatory state has grown by an unprecedented amount.

Op-ed Placement

Republicans: Look to States for Policy Innovation

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, combined with the Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress, has opened the door to enacting bold limited government and pro-growth policies at the federal level, including the repeal of Obamacare, tax reform, and reducing regulation. Yet, too often, liberty-minded proponents of limited government focus on Washington at the expense of what can be accomplished in the states.


An Important Victory for Small Businesses Against the Obama Regulatory State

Last week, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction halting the implementation of President Obama’s new overtime regulations. The regulations, previously scheduled to take effect on December 1st are a declaration of war on job flexibility and small employers, imposing new compliance costs and limiting employment arrangements in pursuit of big government social engineering. Given the large costs and dubious benefits, the Obama administration’s justifications for these massive, expensive, meddling regulations were always suspect as policy matter, but now a federal judge has agreed with the 21 states challenging the regulations and recognized them as probably illegal as well.