It’s Raining Sovereignty in Virginia

Since last Friday, the Virginia General Assembly has passed six separate bills pertaining to Virginia’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.

Starting with SB417, SB283,  and SB311, the House of Delegates made Virginia the second state after Arizona to pass health care nullification bills through both houses of the state legislature. Those would make any federal mandate to carry health insurance illegal in Virginia, and all three are now headed to Governor McDonnell’s desk for his signature.

The delegates also passed another similar health care nullification bill, HB 10, which is now headed to the Senate.

Passing the House today was HJ 125, the Virginia Sovereignty Resolution, which stalled in comittee last year, and HB 69, the Firearms Freedom Act, forbidding federal agencies from regulating firearms produced and sold within Virginia. Both bills will now go before the state Senate.

It all adds up to a growing movement at the state level in Virginia and elsewhere to assert the preogatives of individual states over those of the federal government.

For decades, the feds (aided by the Supreme Court) have stretched the scope of powers enumerated by the Constitution to the point where the document itself can be used to justify any action whatsoever.

That interpretation is in direct conflict with both the letter and documented spirit of the Constitution as it was ratified by the people of the sovereign states. Now, recognizing that fact, the people are demanding that their legislators stand up and defend their rights from an out-of-control federal leviathan.

Congratulations to Virginia and Arizona. With luck, many more states will be close behind.


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