Like all freedom-loving Americans, we here at FreedomWorks believe in the importance of holding our elected officials accountable. Through our FreedomWorks Scorecard, we do just that by key-voting important pieces of legislation.

However, with every passing year, it is obvious that our elected officials are kicking more and more power to the “ABC” departments that make up our federal government. A troubling trend to say the least. For years the federal bureaucracy has gone unchecked, continuing to grow throughout administration after administration. 

That is why the time is now to shine a light on government departments such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Transportation, to name a few, and to most importantly HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

So you might be wondering what you can do. We here at FreedomWorks have broken it down into 3 easy steps in which YOU can make a REAL IMPACT. Check them out below:

STEP 1: Get Informed

Republicans must hold rogue agencies accountable by cutting spending

Noah Wall, The Washington Times 

House Republicans campaigned this past election to fight against President Biden’s reckless spending and curb inflation. Discretionary spending is the second-largest driver of our $32 trillion national debt, and if Republicans can’t find the energy to make cuts here, where will they?

STEP 2: Take Action

Hold Rogue Agencies Accountable, END THE SPEND! 

It is time Congress prioritizes the American taxpayer and ensures that their hard-earned tax dollars are spent wisely in ways that will bolster economic growth and reduce the size of the government. Send a personalized message directly to your member of congress with our easy to use guide, so they know that you’re calling on them to END THE SPEND!

STEP 3: Stay Up to Date

Check out FreedomWorks’ Federal Agency Scandal Manual 

This new feature on our website is the one-stop shop for all government agency wrongdoing! Whether it failing to accomplish the most basic of duties, wasting tax payer dollars, or abuses of power, the Federal Agency Scandal Manual will continue to update you with everything the Biden administration doesn’t want you to see about BIG GOVERNMENT. Also, if you see something you think we’re missing, make sure tweet at us, tagging @FreedomWorks with any scandal you see going unnoticed!

We hope you enjoy, and thanks again for all that you do for the movement! 

Freedom Works,

Noah Wall
Executive Vice President, FreedomWorks