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City Held 100% at Fault for Car Wreck

Thu, 06/05/2014

City of Jackson v. Lewis: LaMarcus Butler turned off his headlights and did a U-turn in order to avoid a police roadblock, beginning a car chase between himself and police officers. When officers instructed him to pullover by radio, Butler's vehicle struck Lewis', causing one death and severe injuries to the individuals in the car. Lewis filed suit against the City stating that the actions of the police caused the death through disregard of the safety of individuals not involved in the crime.


The Mississippi Supreme Court reversed the ruling of the lower courts by ruling in favor of Lewis, stating that the Court of Appeals’ action of granting summary judgment to the City was without grounds. The Supreme Court believes that the Court of Appeals had misinterpreted and misapplied the case law concerned with police acting in "reckless disregard" and thus reinstated the trial court's decision to assess 100% of the fault on the City.

Read the full decision here

Alligator Infestation: What a Nuisance!

Thu, 05/15/2014

Christmas v. Exxon Mobil Corporation: The Christmas' own property that borders land owned by Exxon. The Exxon land is a waste disposal site that is infested with alligators and the Christmas' filed suit against Exxon claiming that the infestation was a nuisance. The lower courts ruled in favor of Exxon, granting the company summary judgment.


The Supreme Court of Mississippi affirmed the decision of the lower courts by granting summary judgment to Exxon Mobil. The Court based its decision on the fact that Exxon cannot be held responsible for the presence of wild animals on its property. Although the alligators do pose a threat, the liability cannot be held with the owner of the property and thus Exxon should not be forced to deal with the infestation by the court system.

Read the full decision here

Protecting Your Property's View

Mon, 05/05/2014

Misita v. Conn: Misita was deeded 3 acres of land from the prior owners of Conn's property with a contract that expressly stated that no structures may be erected on the 3 acres because it was a scenic lot. The deed was reviewed by Misita and Conn when Conn bought the property. Misita decided to build a "sign" on his property, which ended up being a triangular structure with a roof, floor, and door, with three illuminated sides that had signs on them. The Conn's filed suit against Misita for breaching the deed agreement.


The Supreme Court of Mississippi partly affirmed the rulings of the lower courts. The Court ruled that the Conn's have the power to enforce the deed and thus can restrict the building of structures on Misita's three acres. In addition the Court ruled that Misita's "sign" is indeed a "structure" and needs to be demolished.

Read the full decision here