Key Vote NO on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, H.R. 3684

On behalf of FreedomWorks’ activist community, I urge you to contact your representative and ask him or her to vote NO on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, H.R. 3684.

Spending approximately $1.2 trillion over the next five years — only 10 percent of which goes to hard infrastructure projects like roads and bridges — the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is yet another in a long list of bloated government spending bills. This bill throws billions of dollars at left-wing projects, is out of touch with the needs of everyday Americans, and gives the cover of “bipartisanship” to radical progressives that are currently pushing a multi-trillion-dollar budget reconciliation by a party-line vote.

Advancing President Biden’s misguided climate agenda, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act spends a combined $15 billion on electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, electric buses, and other transit. This spending includes the construction of half a million new EV charging stations.

Despite years of subsidies and tax credits, electric vehicles remain an expensive luxury purchased only by the financially well-off. While everyday Americans struggle with a dramatic rise in gas and grocery prices, politicians instead elect to make it easier for the well-off to charge their Teslas.

This bill also spends a whopping $65 billion on rural broadband infrastructure. While bridging the digital divide is certainly a worthy goal, reckless government spending is not the solution. Rather than throwing money at the problem, our elected officials should be pursuing policies that use the power of the free market to expand access, such as the Gigabit Opportunity Act.

Amtrak, a public company that consistently operates at multi-million dollar losses, would receive an increase in funding to the tune of $66 billion. This bill proposes a lousy investment for American infrastructure, dumping money into a program that Americans don’t use.

President Joe Biden and Democrats are all too happy to get a photo-op with Republicans and pay lip service to “unity” and “bipartisanship.” At the same time, however, Democrats are pushing through every left-wing priority they could not fit in this bill in their partisan Big Government Socialism Bill. These bills are tied together at the hip and should be treated as such.

FreedomWorks will count the vote for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on our 2021 Congressional Scorecard and reserves the right to score any amendments, motions, or other related votes. The scorecard is used to determine eligibility for the FreedomFighter Award, which recognizes Members of the House and Senate who consistently vote to support economic freedom and individual liberty.