Key Vote NO on the McConnell Amendment to H.R. 601 to Increase the Debt Limit

On behalf of FreedomWorks’ activist community, I urge you to contact your senators and tell them to vote NO on the amendment to H.R. 601 offered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). The amendment would increase the debt limit and fund the federal government through December 8 without any spending or regulatory reforms. There are no guarantees that the situation will be any different when the Senate revisits the issue in December.

Since August 2011, when the Budget Control Act became law, the public’s share of the national debt has grown by $4.511 trillion. The total national debt, including intergovernmental holdings, has grown $5.264 trillion. As the national debt approaches $20 trillion, this Republican-controlled Congress has offered no plan to address Washington’s addiction to spending. In fact, Congress continues to bust the spending caps established by the Budget Control Act.

Unfortunately, Senate Republican leadership is using the supplement disaster relief bill as the vehicle for a debt limit increase. Once again, Republican leaders are pulling a chapter out of former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s playbook: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

It’s disgusting that Senate Republican leadership is using this supplemental disaster relief bill as the vehicle to increase the debt limit. It also has the feeling of extortion, as Senate Republican leadership knows that this is a “must-pass” bill.

Congress’ ability in the long to govern our country depends on fiscal responsibility. A debt limit increase is without any meaningful spending reform is generational theft. In the absence of spending reform, a regulatory reform package featuring the REINS Act, S. 21, would be significant and get conservatives on board.

Additionally, if the Senate passes a short-term debt limit increase, the situation in December may be even worse. Members will be ready to return home for Christmas. There will be even more pressure to pass a debt limit increase, and there are currently no guarantees that Senate Republican leaders will try to do anything substantive or transformative to win conservative support.

We have reached a critical point. At a time when grassroots conservative engagement is essential to pass priorities like fundamental tax reform, Congress has no significant legislative victories, and Senate Republican leaders are determined to continue this trend. A debt limit increase without any spending or regulatory reforms would further anger grassroots conservatives.

FreedomWorks will count the vote on McConnell amendment to H.R. 601. The scorecard is used to determine eligibility for the FreedomFighter Award, which recognizes Members of the House and Senate who consistently vote to support economic freedom and individual liberty.


Adam Brandon, President, FreedomWorks