Lame Duck Agenda Grows

The lame duck agenda that Democratic leadership poopooed for months is growing. 

Remember back in July when the left swore there was “no secret plan!”?  This scoffing was followed closely by saying a lame duck session was “pretty preposterous and straight out of the black-helicopter wing of GOP thinking.”

Now would be a good time to say “who’s laughing now” if this weren’t such a completely unlaughable matter.  Nervous about elections and eager to avoid making any decisions or tough votes, Democrats are now planning on squeezing in at least 20 bills after the Nov. 2nd election.

Democrats are considering cramming as many as 20 pieces of legislation into the lame-duck session they plan to hold after the Nov. 2 election.

The array of bills competing for floor time shows the sense of urgency among Democratic lawmakers to act before the start of the 112th Congress, when Republicans are expected to control more seats in the Senate and House.

The list of bills to be now includes things like

  • defense authorization
  • the DREAM Act
  • unemployment benefit extension
  •  renewable electricity standards
  • Medicare doc reinbursements
  • cybersecurity
  • an arms treaty with Russia
  • mine safety
  • EPA suspension
  • currency manipulation
  • food safety
  • child nutrition

And others in addition to the already planned tax hikes, card check, cap and trade, and stimulus plan.

These are major pieces of legislation – a far cry from the  “mopping up” Democratic leaders claim they have to do, as if they were tidying the House for the new members and not going in with a bulldozer.

Tackling these big pieces of legislation during a lame duck session without any sense of accountability post-election would  be a clear violation of the will of the people. 

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