Latest Project Veritas Investigation Draws Ire of Homeland Security

Project Veritas, lead by the intrepid James O’Keefe, released their latest investigation yesterday. This time, a group of guerilla journalists tackled the California Homeless Bill of Rights. Similar to legislation passed in Rhode Island last summer, the California Homeless Bill of Rights passed the judiciary committee with a vote of 7 to 2. The bill means to stop the criminalization of homelessness by allowing the homeless to be wherever they want, whenever they want, or so the lefties believe. 

Videographers posing as homeless men visited the homes and offices of assemblymen who sponsored the bill to see if those who claim to support decriminalization of homelessness practice what they preach. Take a look:

The usual followed; upon noticing apparent homeless individuals outside of his residence, one assemblyman alerted the authorities. Or at least that’s how it appears, because within minutes law enforcement showed up and asked the videographers to leave. “Get off my lawn” is the new “let them eat cake.”  While in the public eye, politicians love to wax poetic about the social virtues of their latest legislation, then act differently when their convictions are put to the test. See also, Obamacare. It’s elitism at its worst. Government officials who believe they’re exempt from the rules they establish for the public are part of a much larger cultural problem: entitlement. 

While staking out Assemblyman Ammiano’s office in downtown San Francisco, Homeland Security accosted the videographers and threatened their Fourth Amendment rights. In light of the recent scandalpalooza, a DOJ that spies on the press and various other blatant Big Brother offenses, instances like this one become more concerning.  To be fair, a quick Google search indicates that there is a federal court building adjacent to the assemblyman’s office and of course, filming on federal property is prohibited. But does it warrant the treatment the videographers received?

Aside from the obvious racism of asking the videographers for identification, the undercover reporters were told that if they didn’t cough up the video recording, they would be arrested. Common for law enforcement in fascist states, refusal to surrender Fourth Amendment rights is quickly flipped into proof of probable cause.  This is an issue that not only affects journalistic endeavors like this one, but seeks to undermine the premise of our justice system, you know, that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing.  Beyond that, these types of encounters are also far too common. Those who attempt to tell the truth are threatened by establishment media and the establshment political class. The result is a gross encroachment of our First Amendment rights. Left unchallenged, this breed of statism is a cancer that will destroy our collective ability to share the truth meanwhile criminalizing those who dare to try.  It’s getting scary out there, folks.