Leftist Presidential Candidates’ Hypocrisy: More of the same

Townhall's Amanda Carpenter recently wrote a column detailing Democratic presidential hopefuls’ hypocrisy. Among the glaring examples was Barack Obama’s recent speech in Detroit. Obama harshly criticized the US auto industry for not being more fuel efficient and the American people for “spending their time investing in bigger, faster cars." He then applauded Japan for its hybrid vehicles.

It seems as though Obama’s just another in a long line of Democrats who put down their own nation in favor of others (ie: Gore’s plan to close environmentally cleaner US factories in favor of environmentally dirtier Chinese ones).

Of course, when the Obama family goes home after a long day of stumping for his campaign, they ride in comfort: a Chrysler 300C with a V8 Hemi– 25 miles to a gallon.