Let’s Hear it for Those Boots

As we get closer to November we must consider the importance of getting involved in your local community.  Going to rallies and town hall meetings is not enough, you must get those boots on the ground.  I was asked a few weeks ago what the most effective thing an activist can do to help; the answer?  Walk door-to-door and make phone calls.  These tried and true methods of GOTV are essential to any grassroots campaign regardless of time or place.  This is why it pains me to see so many activists overlook this essential part of campaigning.  If we all promised to do a minimum of 2 hours, at least three times a week, of door-to-door and phone calls the effect would be massive.

With this being said please note that 9/12 is just around the corner.  It is hard to believe that in less then two weeks we will be embarking on yet another rally.  In order for this year to be as big of a success as last year it is up to everyone to put in a little time.  Please consider the steps mentioned above when spreading the word for 9/12.  If everyone made 100 phone calls and knocked on 100 doors god only knows how many people may turn out for the rally.  The rally will be as good as the effort we put into it.  At FreedomWorks we are working hard to get the event put together and we are proud of the progress we are making; it is going to be a great day.  Please get your groups mobilized and let’s get those boots on the ground.  9.12 is just around the corner, so it is time to get to work!!!

For Freedom

David Spielman