Liberty Kitty Travels the Country to Shed Light on Over-Criminalization and Regulation

Liberty Kitty has learned the hard way that overcriminalization and excessive regulation ruins lives and hurts the economy. She was prevented from grooming neighborhood kittens because she did not have the time or money it would take to become licensed, and she was incarcerated for 7 cat years under a mandatory minimum sentencing law for a non-violent crime.

After serving her time, Liberty Kitty realized she was unhirable. She couldn’t even go back and become a licensed groomer because her criminal record made her ineligible.

In fact, she found out, convicted felons are barred from thousands of licensed occupations, including those which are completely unrelated to their convictions.

What’s more, 1 in 3 Americans has a criminal record, and it is estimated that the average American commits three felonies per day without even realizing it. There are too many regulations to keep track of. It will take the Twitter account @CrimeADay around 800 years to tweet every federal crime.

Like Liberty Kitty, 25 percent of Americans require a license to work. But why? To protect consumers? No. Most license requirements are the result of lobbying. Protectionist policies squash competition from small businesses by forcing people to pay fees and jump through hoops before they can make a living. Liberty Kitty was upset to learn the average license requires nine months of training, one exam, and $200 in fees.

Feeling the injustice of overcriminalization and regulation, Liberty Kitty decided she had to do something to fight the system and help the people.

Liberty Kitty has embarked on a journey around the country to illuminate some of the most ridiculous laws and regulations. She asks you to help her spread the message by following her adventures on Instagram and Twitter!