Liberty Summit Officially Awesome

Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma helped kick off the Liberty Summit this morning over at the D.C. Armory.  Over 1500 people turned out for a great event.  Check out the video and pictures below. One caveat, I was running around all morning and didn’t have a chance to take many pictures, but pictures from real photographers and a full report will be coming soon.

One of many intrepid volunteers and an equally intrepid intern prepare to face the coming masses.

Folks beginning to sign in outside the D.C. Armory.

This group of D.C. based activists organized promotion throughout the city and region, including newspaper ads and banners across major highways!

These two ladies came from North Carolina this morning, a long bus ride but nothing like the trip for the folks from Hawaii.  People from all 50 states are coming to town this weekend!

We saw this sweet ride on our way back to the office.