Limited Government Advocates Rally in South Carolina Demanding Senator Lindsey Graham’s Email Password

At a press conference on June 13, 2013, FreedomWorks President & CEO Matt Kibbe addressed the growing list of civil liberties violations that have surfaced in recent weeks. Kibbe extended an open invitation to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to publicly release his email password. Using Senator Graham’s own language, Kibbe noted he has “nothing to worry about” and should be willing to openly display the contents of his emails.

Following the press conference FreedomWorks and roughly 50 limited government activists from across the state of South Carolina rallied in support of Kibbe’s request for Graham to “hand-over” his email passwords. Currently FreedomWorks “Demand Lindsey Graham’s Email Passwords” campaign has accumulated over 13,000 signatures for on its petition website and has driven hundreds of phone calls to Senator Graham’s Capitol Hill office.

With Lindsay Graham’s 2014 re-election on the horizon, and his lack of limited government principles, most notably the casual dismissals of the 4th Amendment, it’s time for Lindsey Graham “to go.” For more details please visit