LIVE Earth a haven for the DEAD hippie movment

Apparently, Live Earth was a flop . Some called it "underwhelming."

No matter how you slice it, Live Earth failed in its goals……..We think.

The truth is, other than Gore’s ridiculous 7-point plan, the specific goals of Live Earth were confusing and unclear. I assert that, if the goal of Live Earth was to demean the Right and further a fiercely partisan agenda, it worked. If the goal was to save the environment, it failed spectacularly.

I viewed Live Earth from my couch on Saturday afternoon, and it seemed that the true goal of the concerts was for young adults to grind against each other while drinking copious amounts of beer. It made me wonder how much the Earth suffered from all that carbonation being released upon the opening of those Budweiser bottles.

In the morning FreedomWorks interns and members of Free Republic protested the small concert that occurred on the National Mall here in Washington, DC. With limited space in the concert, most of the attendees were forced to stake out a spot on the street, where a large TV screen beamed the all-powerful leader and most boring man in the world, Al Gore, to the unwashed masses. Unattended diesel trucks parked along the road puttered, spewing their toxic gasses into Mother Earth’s air, with no apparent reason to be running. A man was handing out "impeach him!" buttons for free will donations. Oh, and I must not forget the Code Pink ladies.

We interns, holding signs and trying to politiely discuss policy with the attendees, were accosted by many a mean neo-hippie. One actually cursed and made rude gestures toward a female Free Republic member, calling us fascists and evil. Yet more proof that the crusade to save the Earth from evil carbon-producers was really a front for partisanship.

Melissa Etheridge, a Lilith Fair performer and elder pop musician, (emphasis on "elder"), railed against the President in a never-ending song that included the mantra "the truth is by the people, from the people, for the people," whatever that means. She called the President a liar, among other things. What good did this do to help the environment?

Apart from a good performance from John Mayer, the whole event concert failed musically and environmentally.