Looking for Your Elected Officials? Try One of the 500-1000 Just-Announced Town Hall Meetings Scheduled Before Sept. 8th

If you have been trying to find an event to go speak directly with your representative about health care reform, cap and trade, or any other issue, now is the time to call their offices and ask when and where they will be.

Many elected officials have been dodging calls and constituents all month, but according to FoxNews.com, health care supporters have now scheduled between 500-1000 town hall events from tomorrow through September 8th. And apparently:

Health Care for American Now, an umbrella organization of groups supporting Obama’s plan, is coordinating its efforts with Organizing for America, the Obama campaign organization now melded into the national Democratic Party, which reputedly has an e-mail list of up to 13 million names.

Together, they plan 1,000 events before the congressional recess ends September 8. The title for the blitz: “Health insurance reform now, let’s get it done.”


The events will mostly be large rallies, speeches and press conferences where the public will be invited to cheer or listen — though not express the kind of opposition or ask the kinds of questions that have contributed to increased opposition to health care reform in many polls.

A nationwide DNC bus tour to spread the word starts Wednesday in Phoenix and continues through 10 more cities.

No doubt, just like others with the audacity to peaceably assemble, the people who turn out for these pep rallies will be disparaged as “un-American,” “evil-mongers,” and “astro-turf” by the liberal media.

Or are those terms only saved for people who don’t want the government running their lives?