Lord Monckton on the Copenhagen Treaty

First, a little background on Lord Monckton. He was a Maggie Thatcher adviser. He’s an environmental policy wonk of the highest order, and a master of converting knowledge to action. He sued to prevent Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” from being forced into British classrooms… and won. The judge ordered that 9 serious inaccuracies in the film be corrected. Lord Mockton travels the globe to educate people on the myth of global warming.

Now, watch this.


An excerpt (via Michelle Malkin):

Here is why the truth matters. It was all very well for jesting Pilate to ask that question and then not to tarry for an answer. But that question that he asked, “what is the truth?” is the question which underlies every question and in the end it is the only question that really matters. When you ask that question what you are really asking is “what is the truth about the matter?” And we are now going to see why it matters morally, socially, and politically, as well as economically and scientifically. That the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth should inform public policy on this question.

And now for the scariest part, From GlobalClimateScam.com:

There has been considerable debate raised about Monckton’s conclusion that the Copenhagen Treaty would cede US sovereignty. His comments appear to be based upon his interpretation of the The Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution (Article VI, paragraph 2). This clause establishes the Constitution, Federal Statutes, and U.S. TREATIES as the supreme law of the land. Concerns have been raised in the past that a particularly ambitious treaty may supersede the US Constitution. In the 1950s, a constitutional amendment, known as the Bricker Amendment, was proposed in response to such fears, but it failed to pass. You can read more about the Bricker Amendment in a 1953 Time Magazine article.

Click here to watch Lord Monckton’s entire speech (it’s an hour and a half long) in which he annihilates global warming claims.(you can follow his power point with this pdf). 

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