Low information voters present our biggest challenge for the GOP

In this video by Benny Johnson at the Blaze, he queries young college students about who they’re standing in line to vote for and why.  He asks a number of questions that would seem obvious to anyone waiting two hours to cast a ballot.  The responses would be hilarious if there wasn’t so much at stake from the biggest election loss young Americans have seen in their lifetime.

Truly interesting is the cavalier attitude that the students apply to answering the questions incorrectly. They don’t know the answers and aren’t a bit perturbed to admit that sad fact.  The reasons that they give for voting for Obama are straight out of the DNC’s talking points playbook.


What is evidenced by this video is that Republicans don’t have just a messaging problem. Most Liberal voters don’t even know what the GOP’s true message is!  The lack of information doesn’t end there.  Additionally, Obama voters are uninformed as to what their party’s true attributes are, and how government functions. None of the students in this video bothered to mention spending, where they stood on it, or their feelings on increasing taxes to pay for said spending.

“Equal pay” for women was mentioned as an issue.  Yet none of the college students have ever bothered to investigate the veracity of the assertion that women are paid less in the workplace than men.  Thank goodness someone took the matter up:

Andrew Biggs, from AEI, shows just how nonsensical the claim is in this post. He is discussing a new gender gap study that purports to show that new female college grads earn 82 cents for every dollar a man earns. He gives the study’s organizer’s credit for applying a variety of controls that suggest the gap is only seven cents. But then he dives deeper:

But in preparing for an NPR program discussing the study, I ran some quick numbers using data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. I limited myself to full-year private sector workers with a bachelors degree who were ages 21 to 26 in 2009-2010. Within this group I controlled for age, race, Hispanic and immigrant status, detailed geographic location, weekly work hours, college major and occupation. Controlling for college major accounts for the fact that men tend to choose majors that lead to higher earnings later in life. Controlling for occupation captures “compensating wage differentials” for positive or negative aspects of the job. For instance, dangerous or unpleasant jobs may pay more, while jobs offering flexible hours or more generous benefits might pay less. Including all these controls, the gender pay gap for young college grads drops to around 1 percent.

Funding for Planned Parenthood was mentioned, but not in the context of being something that they were willing to pay higher taxes for. This is a major intentional messaging strategy for the Democrats.  If they keep their voters uninformed on most issues and trumpet the hot button false issues; like “Pay Equality” for women and free contraception, no one will notice as we catapult off the fiscal cliff into bankruptcy.

How convenient.