Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 177: Study Explains Biden Administration’s Economic Incompetence; Guest: Stephen Moore

Host Alex Marlow opens today’s Breitbart News Daily podcast with a preview of the likely pointless summit President Biden is holding in Saudi Arabia. Then, Alex delves into the latest frightening inflation data, the prospect of a global food shortage, and the possibility of the Monkeypox getting out of control before the Biden administration comes up with a coherent policy on it. Alex also reports on Massachusetts Sen. Liz Warren’s latest abortion hysteria, another crime story involving a man who recently had a beard but now thinks he’s a woman, the renewed push for mask mandates, and why New York City stinks both literally and figuratively. Our guest today is economist Stephen Moore, who conducted a study revealing that only 62 percent of the Biden administration officials who handle economic policy have actual business experience.

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