County Commission Majority Are True Republicans, Not Like Other RINOs

Dear Editor,

Your editorial of Feb. 15 was most becoming for what is the liberal media of the day. I am sure the editorial writers at the New York Times would blush with envy. It really doesn’t matter what part of this country you live, the liberal media is all the same.

To set the record straight, we have, for the first time since 1986, a true Republican majority on the Commission: Masters, Hensley, and Saylor, who put you, the taxpayer, first and bring government spending under control.

Now a pack of RINOs (Republican In Name Only) like Byrd, who’s ready to spend your money like a drunk sailor and eager to raise your taxes to pay for his selfish self-indulgence. Or a who am I and why am I here act like Hollifield, soundly elected through CSE, then did a 180 to the dark side, betraying those who put him in office. But, hey, he really isn’t a mute. Now that he is running for re-election, he speaks friendly . Gone is the ole turn his head routine of the past four years.

There is no “rubber stamping” by the majority. They are true conservative Republicans that have kept their promise to those who elected them. They are pro growth and do want new industry with good paying jobs, which can be done through a variety of venues.

The issue with the EDC is accountability. Over the term of the contract with the EDC/Chamber, $341,417 of your taxpayer dollars have been spent. The EDC is required to give an audit as to how they spent the money. A request was made to the EDC for the audit report. They failed to respond.

Their contract runs out on June 30, 2006. Renewal is automatic if not notified by the Commission or the EDC/Chamber four months before the current contract expires. It’s our tax dollars and I firmly believe every concerned taxpayer would want an audit report and will agree with the Commission majority.

Mr. Editor, I dare say, if you didn’t report expenses for this paper to your head offices, you, too, would not last long. The “rubber stamping” is what past Commissions have done with no oversight, letting whatever continue. Chairman Masters was standing up for even you, Mr. Editor, as well as us taxpayers, to assure that the tax dollar is spent wisely.

Another curious view of the Editor is that Chairman Masters somehow was scaring off anyone from running against him. I wonder whom those mysterious souls are, as six have filed to oppose Chairman Masters. I am sure this opposition doesn’t feel they are chopped liver.

The worry I see is over private property rights, zoning and taxes.

Right now, within this county, you have five elected officials that have declared war on private property rights (and Wes Foy, your John Kerry moment may have impressed you, but to the rest of us, it was a spineless gesture fitting Mario Coumo’s stand on abortion).

Make no mistake, Spruce Pine officials targeting one of the richest men in this county to take his property is to set the stage (and a warning) to all: with the right mix of RINOs, this county will take anyone’s property, just like is being done all over this country.

Countywide zoning has also been on the mind of RINOs for sometime. Phil Frye, when he was mayor of Spruce Pine, championed countywide zoning.

A former commissioner, a RINO, openly told me that as commissioner, he supported countywide zoning. If he had his way when he was in office, it would have happened years ago and he said that it would happen some day when people were more enlightened with the right Commission mix (of RINOs).

RINO Byrd is pushing for a multi-million dollar jail complex that will mean higher property taxes for you. If you feel the high property taxes now, just wait, with RINOs in charge, you will be paying property taxes that will make officials in Wake County blush with envy.

Hardball politics has come to Mitchell County. This paper has fired the first shots for their fellow travelers and political allies. This is going to be a very important election. Folks here on past occasion have voted for “good ole boys” that they liked personally with no care to what that person stood for. With the last high property tax increase that changed.