Freedom Works is wrong to criticize Rep. Betty Komp

I want to encourage the members of this community to ignore the hit piece that came out recently against State Rep. Betty Komp. A nameless individual, under the name of “Freedom Works” sent out a mailer maligning Ms. Komp for voting to put the corporate kicker into a rainy-day fund for the state of Oregon.

For the six sessions before this one, the Republicans had control and they spent every nickel that came into the state treasury. This year, with Democratic control, there is finally some fiscal responsibility and some planning going on.

I personally hope that Rep. Komp also supports a cigarette tax so that we can get decent health care for our children.

Shame on you, Freedom Works, for starting the 2008 campaign before the 2007 session is even completed. I encourage you all to join me in supporting Rep. Komp and letting her know that we appreciate her hard work, long hours and dedication to the citizens of our district.