Overbeck: ‘Who’s the RINO’ a losing game for the Republican grassroots

Let’s start with a Colorado Congressman running for re-election. He was one of only 57 Republicans who voted against the $40 billion the Democrats rammed through Congress for Ukraine when America’s babies are crying for formula. He co-sponsored HR 461, the Pause Act, to stop Biden from ending Title 42, which has kept migrant caravans from totally overwhelming our border. He introduced HR 3810, the Saving American History Act of 2021, to stop the teaching of critical race theory in the schools. Along with Sen. Josh Hawley, he introduced the Protect Act to toughen penalties for child sex predators. This Congressman is adamantly pro-life, earning a 100% rating from National Right to Life, and A+ from Susan B. Anthony List, as well as 100% ratings from Family Research Council, FreedomWorks, and a 99% lifetime score from Heritage Action. Oh, and in a House hearing he boldly told Homeland Sec. Mayorkas that he’s a traitor for allowing illegal aliens and fentanyl to flood into America over an insecure border.

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