Net Brutality: Pro-Regulator Strikes Protest Warrior

FreedomWorks staffer and Protest Warrior Brendan Steinhauser was struck with a sign by a “net neutrality” supporter when he counter protested their Capitol Hill presser.

This is Steinhauser’s description of the event below, but click here to see photos of the musician Moby apologizing for the violent behavior of his friend from
A free market coalition led by FreedomWorks and Protest Warrior crashed the press conference held today by Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA), and musician Moby. Our sign “Net Brutality” proved fitting, as one of the Left’s activists struck one of our members in the face with a sign. This incident interrupted the press conference, causing Rep. Markey and Moby to turn and look at the commotion. The man was swiftly ushered away by the MoveOn crowd as to avoid further embarrassment. MoveOn claims that the man was not a member, but was “some random guy from off the street.”

FreedomWorks staff and volunteers attended the press conference with signs that said, “Say No to Net Neutrality,” “Hands Off the Internet” and “No Net Neutering.” FreedomWorks handed out copies of Researcher Arpan Sura’s piece on net neutrality published on Human Events Online, as well as today’s The Wall Street Journal’s piece on the same topic.

The would-be Internet regulators tried to block these signs and marginalize the message of FreedomWorks and Protest Warrior. However, as the pictures show, we were able to avoid being censored.

The hypocrisy of the Left was evident today, as they did not welcome any dissenting views. The Left’s frustration was apparent as reporters began snapping photos and pointing their TV cameras at the protestors, and Rep. Markey’s message got lost in the battle for positioning behind him. One Hill staffer was particularly upset when a FreedomWorks staff member was interviewed by NPR news. The Hill staffer even interrupted the reporter, to which the reporter instructed the Hill staffer to let him to do his job.

After the press conference, FreedomWorks staff handed a copy of our position on the issue to Moby, who said he would read it. He also apologized for the bad behavior of the belligerent activist who used tried to use his sign as a bludgeon.

The rain that fell at the end of the rally was almost symbolic. Using grassroots tactics and the element of surprise, FreedomWorks and Protest Warrior supplied the proverbial rain on the Internet regulators’ parade