UNC Administrators Lie to Preacher

Dear Pastor Chris:
First of all, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to drive almost 150 miles to meet with Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo in order to discuss anti-Christian bigotry at UNC-Wilmington. Given that you have people to visit in the hospital and ongoing construction to oversee at your church, I know your time is precious. I’m just sorry Chancellor DePaolo didn’t show up for the face-to-face meeting you had been promised.
Although Dr. DePaolo decided that another meeting needed her attention, I am pleased to hear that she sent two of her special assistants and another administrator to meet with you.

However, I am displeased to hear you report that they said exactly what I told you they would say when we spoke on the phone three days before the meeting. UNCW administrators are both arrogant and predictable, in my view.

The response you reported to me after you accused the administration of being “anti-free speech” was certainly interesting. Saying “we are a very free speech oriented university” right before saying “we don’t understand why polls among students at UNCW reveal discrimination of any kind” is revealing. It sounds like they claim to be pro-free speech even when surveys say they aren’t.

But, of course, UNC-Wilmington administrators would also claim to be pro-free speech if the surveys said they were. In other words, their arrogance is such that they proclaim “when we’re right we’re right, but when we’re wrong we’re also right.” Of course, when one is always left one is seldom right about anything. I am pleased that you directly asked them about their failure to bring conservative speakers to UNCW.

When they assured you that they bring in conservative political speakers “very frequently” they were simply misleading you. The statement, “We had Laura Bush on campus” is illustrative. Actually, Laura Bush was brought to campus by the Richard Burr campaign during his successful bid to defeat Erskine Bowles. The UNC system didn’t fund Laura Bush’s visit to campus. But they did give Democrat Bowles a job as president of the UNC system as a consolation prize after losing to now-Senator Burr.

It is also noteworthy that there was no endorsement of Burr by UNC-Wilmington (nor should there have been any such endorsement). However, when John Edwards (whose vacant seat was filled by Burr) came to campus campaigning as a Democrat for Vice-President, something interesting happened. Chancellor Emeritus James Leutze endorsed Edwards and even introduced Wesley Clark who, in turn, introduced Edwards. Naturally, Edwards was given a paid position in the UNC system after he lost his bid to be Vice President.

I hope you will write to your representatives to ask why Rosemary DePaolo’s administration later lied to you by saying that the university doesn’t bring in political speakers. Rosemary brought in George Mitchell for $40,000 to headline her own inauguration as chancellor in 2004 – nine months after she started her job. That was money poorly spent. The administration’s denial raises this crucial question, too: Just how is it possible for the DePaolo administration to claim that they don’t bring in political speakers only minutes after they claimed to bring in Laura Bush? She was there to talk about the U.S. Senate race, wasn’t she?

When DePaolo’s representatives told you that a) “it’s up to the local student groups or private groups to bring in political speakers” and b) that they “just supply the building and maintenance,” they were lying to you again. I sent two moles from the UNCW staff to sit on the Leadership Lecture Series committee several years ago. Every conservative speaker recommendation they made was shot down by a committee dominated by faculty and staff. The students don’t control the process. Everyone knows that.

Naturally, I am thrilled that you accused them – to their faces, no less – of simply lying to you. But I’m not surprised that they just kept repeating themselves. Repetition is an important ingredient in the dissemination of propaganda.

But one lie I suspect the administration will not repeat is the one suggesting that when they invite speakers there are two requirements: 1) that they are qualified experts and, 2) that they will draw a crowd and bring in outsiders.

When the university paid three feminists (named “The Guerilla Girls”) $6000 to speak, there was no requirement that they be “experts.” Since they were wearing ape masks – while hurling bananas at the audience – no one knew who they were. They could have been three homeless chicks for all we know. They might have even been monkeys, given the repulsive odor emanating from their general direction.

And, of course, George Mitchell’s appearance at UNCW only drew 75 people. That means we spent $533 per person – in public funds, no less – to listen to Mitchell denounce the War in Iraq. Of course, Rosemary’s underlings will say it was not $40,000 of taxpayer money. But since she raised the money from donors – while being paid by the taxpayers, no less – the point is really moot. The public would rather see her raising money for education, rather than for lavish parties in honor of Her Own Majesty.

Probably the most important issue you raised concerns the UNCW Christian group that wrote me complaining about a university official. Their representative alleged that the official warned them to curb their evangelical activities in accordance with the university’s “harassment” code. Now, you are telling me that DePaolo’s assistant Mark Lanier claims that this is a lie. In response, let me suggest that you do the following:

Call Mr. Lanier and ask him directly whether he is accusing Mike Adams of lying about the incident.
If Lanier claims I am lying, extend to him my offer to take a polygraph examination.
If Lanier accepts the challenge, please tell him that if I am found to be lying I will give Rosemary DePaolo all of the income I make criticizing her administration in 2007. That includes speeches, columns, and book sales. But, if I am found to be telling the truth, I get to stay in her multi-million dollar mansion free of charge and mooch off the taxpayers like a welfare recipient (just like she does).

If Lanier refuses my challenge, tell him to search my email records for the letter from the Christian group (just like the university searched my email account in 2001 in response to a bogus libel charge).

Please also ask Mr. Lanier whether he was the one who lied to John Leo of U.S. News and World Report when Leo called UNCW on October 26th, 2001 to ask whether the university searched my email account without my consent.
If Lanier says that he was not the one who lied to John Leo, ask him to identify the UNCW administrator who did tell the lie. And, please, keep that polygraph machine handy.

But before you get started, make sure you read Lanier his rights: You have a right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will, be used against you in the court of public opinion. You have a right to make an ass out of yourself by challenging Mike Adams’ integrity. If he sues you for libel, you are not entitled to an attorney provided by the state. Do you understand these rights?

I want to conclude this letter by thanking you for your attention to religious discrimination at UNCW. I hope that the administration will cooperate with the requests I am communicating through you. If not, I question their character as well as their manhood. Needless to say, that includes the feminists.

Dr. Adams will speak tomorrow at the North Carolina state capitol on behalf of Freedom Works http://www.freedomworks.org/newsroom/press_template.php?press_id=1854. His thirty minute speech will begin just after 2 p.m. Shortly afterwards he plans to meet with elected officials to discuss blatant disregard for the truth at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington.

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and is a regular columnist for Townhall.com. Log on to Dr. Adams’ website (www.DrAdams.org) for information on upcoming speeches and to order signed copies of his first book.