Wednesday Short Cuts

“What is it about those on the Left of the political spectrum that they seem to not just live in perpetual fear of apocalypse and doom but they actually embrace it? It is their raison d’etre. Is there something in the collective psyche or the DNA of modern leftists that they crave fear? And doom? … The Left is fatalistic. The Right is opportunistic. It’s the difference between cursing the darkness and lifting a candle. I have often wondered: What would be the Left’s reaction to some kind of definitive proof that there was no manmade climate change to worry about? Would there be whoops of relief and celebration? Would there be ticker tape parades down Fifth Avenue? Now, to be fair, just because the Peddlers of Apocalypse have a long track record of being dead wrong in their dire predictions doesn’t mean we don’t have things to worry about. Sometimes the wolf really is at the door, no matter how many times the boy has issued false alarms. In the meantime, the thing we have to worry most about running out of these days is … freedom.” —Stephen Moore

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