Mendacity and ObamaCare: “It is better to do this right than fast.”

Democracy and Power 108: Obfuscation

Wherever politics intrudes upon economic life, political success is readily attained by saying what people like to hear rather than what is demonstrably true. Instead of safeguarding truth and honesty, the state then tends to become a major source of insincerity and mendacity. – Hans F. Sennholz

Mendacity and ObamaCare:  “It is better to do this right than fast.”

The Obama Administration has unilaterally decreed to delay the employer mandate to provide insurance for a year.  Explaining the reason for the delay, Adam Jenleson, a spokesman for Senator Reid, said, “It is better to do this right than fast.”  What hypocrisy!  Every aspect of passing ObamaCare has been fast, faster and fastest.  Rather than having an honest and factual debate on the merits of healthcare legislation, speed was of the essence.  Say and do anything to pass the law.  Pass something – anything – as as fast as possible by doing the following: 

  • First, make all the stakeholders pledge fealty and claim ObamaCare will save money.  Under threat of exclusion and retribution, major insurance and medical industries complied – doctors, hospitals, insurance, nurses, pharmaceuticals and many more.
  • Second, rapidly manipulate mandates – most notably the employer mandate – penalties and taxes to obtain a “score” from the Congressional Budget Office showing ObamaCare was not expensive.  [Read: Political Accounting Gimmicks are Destroying America
  • Third, buy the votes of reticent politicians.  For example, the Louisiana Purchase the Cornhusker Kickback.
  • Fourth, utilize every procedural trick and gimmick to pass ObamaCare.

As the Speaker of the House Pelosi infamously said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it,”  which is exactly what happened!  Now, three years later, after the bureaucrats have written, decreed and manipulated the rules and regulations, Senator Reid’s spokesman has the audacity to claim,  “It is better to do this right than fast.”

Only government, which is a monopoly of power, can be so incompetent and deceitful in order to survive.

Horribly and harmfully, Americans and American businesses have been damaged by ObamaCare.  Businesses do not know what rules exist and what rules will be enforced.  Hence, they don’t invest, they don’t expand and they don’t hire.   Thus, millions of Americans are unemployed and under-employed.

What should we do?

Repeal ObamaCare!  A complete repeal will force Congress and the President to duly debate and promulgate just and reasoned healthcare laws, which will impact all Americans.  Time is of the essence.  Repeal ObamaCare now!

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