Mississippi Rally AGAINST Common Core

On January 6, the grassroots in Mississippi made a huge statement to the state legislature. We the People are telling OUR elected officials that Common Core is unacceptable as standards and curriculum for our school children. It is particularly offensive due to the fact that it was adopted in order to receive federal funds before the standards were even written.

Common Core is invasive into the child’s life, their family environment, and records the child’s performance throughout their educational and social experience. Not only that, but data is collected about the child, the family, and the family’s home life, along with their habits and diversions. It violates the original intent of FERPA, the Federal law that safeguards private information to be used for only purposes other that assist the child’s educational experience. That data is then able to be accessed by the Department of Education.

The Rev. C. L. Bryant spoke to about 500 grassroots activists about the Trojan Horse that is Common Core, masquerading as more stringent educational curriculum. We, the activists, have come to understand this to be true! As only C. L. can do, he charged up that room and energized everyone to take action. We all know that Common Core is the education form of the leftist agenda—compliments of the U. S. Department of Education. It is ObamaCare in the form of Education.