More Reasons to Say Al Gore is Incorrect

James M. Taylor, a senior fellow at the Heartland Institute, couldn’t make it any clearer. Al Gore’s "An Inconvenient Truth" is picked apart in a recent article published in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Assault on Reason is quoted:

“We must stop tolerating the rejection and distortion of science. We must insist on an end to the cynical use of pseudo-studies known to be false for the purpose of intentionally clouding the public’s ability to discern the truth.”

Throughout the article, Taylor proves quite a few of Gore’s arguments for global warming to be false. He disproves Gore’s argument that global warming is causing more frequent and severe hurricanes.

Hurricane expert Chris Landsea published a study on May 1 documenting that hurricane activity is no higher now than in decades past.

And also uses the argument from another hurricane expert, William Gray:

the number of major hurricanes making landfall on the U.S. Atlantic coast has declined in the past 40 years.

Taylor rests his case with: "Hurricane scientists reported in the April 18 Geophysical Research Letters that global warming enhances wind shear, which will prevent a significant increase in future hurricane activity."

This is just a thought, but maybe Al Gore needs to lead by example and quit distorting science himself.