My Opening Statement at the Empower Liberty Summit

We are gathered here today to start a conversation about solving long standing issues that are negatively impacting the black community. Sadly, our views are not welcome at the NAACP.

For two consecutive years, the national leadership of the NAACP has refused to allow me or Rev. C.L. Bryant an opportunity to participate in their formal agenda. Think of it, the NAACP’s leadership is blacklisting blacks who have different ideas about the role of government in our lives. Tragically, this once venerable organization that sought to advance all blacks now segregates blacks based on political views.

If you are a black liberal you get to sit at the counter – you get a voice. If you are a black conservative you sit outside. Black conservatives need not apply. I refuse to be silenced – we refuse to be silenced. Our message is too important to be silenced.

The issues facing the Black community are too serious to ignore. That’s why we are here today. FreedomWorks through our effort, rented this room so we can discuss ideas the NAACP does not want you to hear.

The contrast between our views is stark. We believe empowering individuals is the best path for prosperity. The NAACP believes in empowering the state.

The NAACP is blacklisting us because our ideas will expose their failures – it’s that simple.

For far too long, the black community has lagged behind other demographic groups in the U.S. Sky-high unemployment rates now at 10.7 percent; Lowest average incomes; Failing public schools, and Deplorable crime ridden urban areas like Chicago. Absolutely deplorable. For far too long, organizations like the NAACP have witnessed these horrible trends and they have not changed course. Faced with the crisis in the black community the NAACP stubbornly sticks to liberal policies and politicians despite their proven failures. Instead of challenging these losing policies, the NAACP promotes them.

Across America black children are trapped in failing public schools. The NAACP supports this failed system of a government monopoly on schools. Instead of embracing school choice the NAACP rallies against it. Black Americans are suffering economically. Black Americans have the lowest average income compared to other demographic groups. Black families with lowest average incomes are hardest hit by rising energy prices. Instead of promoting the cheapest forms of energy, the NAACP rallies against them.

The NAACP promotes President Obama’s climate change regulations despite that fact the consequences – using the president’s words – will make electricity prices skyrocket. High electricity prices disproportionately harm black families. The numbers don’t lie.

In Ohio black households spend 6.3 percent of their annual budget on electricity while all households spend 3.5 percent. Blacks have almost twice the burden of the rest of Ohio.The Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules for power plants will force electricity prices higher adding to the Black economic burden. More money spent on utilities and gasoline means less money for food, rent and clothes. In addition, the national leadership of the NAACP does not support black conservatives when we are attacked for our views.

Each of us standing before you has been verbally attacked for our views. I’ve been called a House Negro, Aunt Jemima , a sell-out, a traitor and worse. We are just citizens. We are just exercising our right to speak our mind and not be silenced. The NAACP leadership does not defend black Republicans. No, the group criticizes them.

It’s outrageous that the national organization gave Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) a failing grade for civil rights while it gave a former Klansmen. Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) a 100%. That’s right the late Senator Byrd (D-WV) was a member of the KKK.

We are not a nation of cowards as Attorney General Eric Holder likes to claim – the real cowards are the leaders of the NAACP who stifle debate. The leadership would rather support a Klansman than a black conservative Senator or other black conservatives. It’s time for a change and I’m thrilled to be joined by other blacks who want to discuss real solutions for serious problems.

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