New Jersey Voters Favor Drilling

Here’s an interesting article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about oil off the New Jersey shore.¬† The article talks about the new technology we have to pinpoint oil, making it a more exact science than ever and about the billions of barrels just off our own coasts.

One of things that stood out to me most was the fact that New Jersey’s Governor and Senator Lautenberg both oppose off shore drilling¬† (and Rep. Zimmerman, a Republican senatorial candidate was opposed as well but tempered his stance by saying states should get to choose which is true) despite the fact that a majority of the people they supposedly represent disagree.

A 62 percent majority of likely New Jersey voters polled this month by Quinnipiac University Polling Institute said they favored drilling in protected offshore areas.

An even higher percentage of Jersey Shore voters – 70 percent – supported lifting the ban, polling spokesman Pat Smith said.

It’s pretty clear this is a national message leaders are ignoring.

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