New NEPA Proposal Clears the Way for Infrastructure Development

FreedomWorks Foundation’s Regulatory Action Center (RAC) is driving comments in support of the Department of Interior’s rulemaking to ease environmental restrictions on building projects. You can support the President and make your voice heard HERE.

Radical environmentalists currently have a stranglehold on our economy and our nation. Burdensome environmental reviews needlessly delay the completion of critical infrastructure projects. Because of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), enacted over 50 years ago, it can take roughly seven years just get approval to start a project. How are we expected to fix our nation’s crumbling infrastructure when workers can’t even break ground for seven years after a design is set forth?

Thankfully, the Trump administration’s Department of the Interior is fixing this mess. The new proposal would scale back outdated NEPA regulations so that it could cut back on the wait time by about five years in some cases. This is a long overdue reform that removes government-imposed barriers that have been in place since the Nixon administration. FreedomWorks Foundation’s RAC put out the following statement to applaud this action:

"The most resounding successes of this administration have been the rollback and reform of outdated, unnecessary, burdensome regulations. NEPA is yet another example of government putting red tape where it doesn’t belong. These increasingly complex rules have been in place for almost five decades. We applaud the administration for initiating this overdue reform and look forward to the possibilities under a simpler framework."

Despite all of the benefits, radical environmentalists will be sure to submit thousands of comments opposing this change so they can maintain their control over our country. This is why it is so important that liberty-minded activists try to counter their influence. You can do so by submitting a comment to the Trump administration HERE.

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