New Scorecard Rates How Your Representative Stands on NSA Spying

Where does your representative stand on NSA spying?

FreedomWorks has joined with groups across the political spectrum to bring you a scorecard that tracks your representative’s voting and co-sponsorship history on NSA reform bills.

Check it out here:

(Thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for leading the effort! P.S. did you see their airship flying over the NSA’s Utah data center to protest illegal spying?)

It’s quick and easy to use.

We all are busy and cannot always pay close attention to what’s happening in Congress. That’s why this surveillance scorecard is such a great tool. This website is a one stop shop to find out if your representative is standing up for civil liberties— or not.

The website allows you to hold your representative accountable by quickly looking up their scores (A through F) and then sharing their scores on Twitter. Scores can be tweeted directly to members of Congress with a note of encouragement or disappointment.

For example:




If you prefer not to use social media, you can voice your concerns about domestic spying by signing onto an open letter to President Obama urging him to take immediate steps to end the mass spying.

The goal of the website is to spread awareness of the surveillance debates happening in Congress and put pressure on elected representatives to support meaningful surveillance reform. The scorecard does not factor in any public statements on NSA reform but rather only rates based on votes and co-sponsorship.

One of the most interesting aspects of the website is the list of organizations advocating for an end to mass surveillance. The partnering organizations range from Greenpeace and Demand Progress to the Libertarian Party and FreedomWorks. We don’t always agree with these organizations, but we all agree that it’s time to outlaw mass surveillance. Thankfully, the majority of Americans are also against NSA spying.

Check it out and let us know what you think!