New Tickets Available for 8/27 Take America Back Convention

Due to the overwhelming response, we’ve managed to find a way to make more tickets available for the 8/27 FreedomWorks’ Take America Back Convention.  These new $15 tickets do NOT include dinner, but you’ll get to enjoy the convention, get a free t-shirt, and all the GOTV materials you could desire.  And there are lots of other great (but not free) dinner options available in the area as well. 

There are still a few tickets left that include the Red, Hot, and Blue BBQ dinner afterward, so grab them now!  This is a great opportunity to meet FreedomWorks staff and the hundreds of others who will be working to get out the vote for our Champions of Freedom this fall. 

And for the many who have asked, yes – there will be tickets available at the box office on 8/27. 

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See you there!