No Reconciliation Petition Tops 60,000!

FreedomWorks “No Reconciliation” petition has surged past 60,000 signers in less than a week!  The last I saw we had 61,308 signers – with more joining all the time.  Be sure to forward it to your family and friends to sign and urge them to forward it as well.  The best way to stop this thing is by growing the movement person by person, group by group.

Once you’ve signed – go to the Stop ObamaCare Online War Room to take action.

These coming days are crucial to finally stop this thing once and for all.  We have to make all the hard work of the past year count, and we can’t stop short of the finish line. 

If you can, try to come to DC for a day of lobbying. on March 16.  We aren’t gathering in a nice, neat crowd.  We aren’t going to be outside, out of the way.  We’re going to be in their offices demanding that those who represent us listen to the folks who gave them the power they have to begin with.

If you can’t come to DC, go to your local district offices.  While this may sound less exciting, for staff members not accustumed to the hustle and bustle of a DC office, this could be the biggest thing that happens in their office all month and can make a huge impact. 

Over the next few days, we’ll have more details and packets of talking points and information on ObamaCare and cap and trade that you can download and take with you so please keep watching for updates and spread the word!


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