North Carolina Members Launch Revolt against Higher Taxes

FreedomWorks members in Yadkin County, North Carolina urged the Yadkin County Board of Commissioners not to increase their property taxes at a public budget hearing. The proposed budget for the 2007-2008 budget cycle

would raise the property-tax rate by 8 cents to pay for a $7 million jail and $26.5 million project to build two new middle schools.

The Yadkin County Manager, Eric Williams, called for a 12% increase in the budget from 2006-07. The total for the 2007-08 budget would be $35.7 million. This includes not only a 8 cent increase per $100 in property value, but a $60 solid waste household fee.

The commissioners discussed the budget and took no action.

A FreedomWorks member from Yadkin County emailed that the meeting was a "packed house and a full lobby outside." She also said few people spoke in favor of the tax increase, while most citizens spoke openly against it, or even "booed" the tax increase.

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